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Having issues with cutouts cracking or breaking due to extreme cold, heat or heavily polluted environments? Newer insulating technologies such as polymer concrete and silicone rubber can outperform standard porcelain cutouts and are not subject to breaking and cracking. For more information, download: Trust your grid to ABB cutouts: Offering superior performance, reliability, and durability
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K2 commented on October 18, 2013
The video has an error - ABB does not produce SILICON cutouts, they are SILICONE. These are two totally different materials. Our industry should advance beyond using our current fuse design. When a fuse blows, a shower of molten metal is expelled at high speed. I know of no one who has been burnt by a cutout, but I'm sure there have been some (not just linemen), and I'm sure there has been some damage to things under a fused cutout (cars) that have been damaged (probaby without the owner realizing it). I think it's time we develop a better fuse.